Book named – “I am not Joe Donovan”

I have at long last settled on the name of my book.  It is “I am not Joe Donovan”. I think it will pique curiosity – much more so than the thousand other discarded options. I have never been so indecisive about naming anything. My children – who took a full nine months and 10 days to arrive, were each tossed a name and it seemed to fit. Even the objects I had to create in the book were named without fuss, but for the title I think I was waiting for perfection. This is not perfect, but Elias is not Joe Donovan, and when you read the book you’ll see why.

2 thoughts on “Book named – “I am not Joe Donovan”

  1. Read your short story last night. Fantastic. Always knew you had it in you. Looking forward to I am not Joe Donovan.


  2. Ok, let me follow your journey through this. I love the short stories you have shared with your work colleagues. My favorite has to be the “I am an Old Nurse”.


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