Lazy Summer Daze

Yep. I’ve been ignoring my web site. I should apologise but I’ve also been ignoring my growing list of new projects, my friends, my relations and my garden as well. Too many real me issues in there to think about saying sorry.  It’s summer and I’ve always done nothing much in summer. Winter is for work. I did think seriously about blaming my lack of output on my grandchildren but they are the perfect writing companions. Whenever they found me in my office they would pick up the Bangkok head scratcher and run it through my hair. Bliss  – and something I never think of doing for myself.

I have discovered a wonderful formatting programme called Vellum. It’s for Mac users and is brilliant.  This is the link if anyone is interested.Vellum Publication App Before I found this, I thought it was entirely possible I would go crazy trying to do the formatting myself. Now I wonder what all the fuss is about. I have a great cover design on it’s way so everything is looking good. Once I have that I can put “I am not Joe Donovan” online for the world to read. I feel as though it could be my great undoing. When it’s only me telling you it’s a good story, then it’s a good story. Once people start reading it, I will know for sure.

I go back to my money-earning job tomorrow. The time pressure it creates is not necessarily bad for me as I do appreciate my writing time when there is less of it. And who knows where this writing train will go? Certainly not me.





2 thoughts on “Lazy Summer Daze

  1. Good to know my advance publicity is working!! It’s written but not yet published. I am waiting for the cover art. Once I have that I’m going to put the first chapter on this site with a link to where you can download it from eg Kindle etc. I am also getting a few real books but they’re much more expensive to create. 🙂


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