“I am not Joe Donovan” makes it to Kindle

I promised you the first chapter of “I am not Joe Donovan,” my YA dystopian adventure novel, and today, after I put the finished version on Amazon, I thought this should be the next step. Of course it wasn’t. I tried to repeat my success with Barnes and Noble and tied myself into so many (k)nots I am half the size I used to be. The good old web site seemed like a soothing end to my day. And I had promised a chapter. Click on this and you should get it. Donovan1stch

Amazon takes a couple of days to do the processing so you won’t be able to spend your $2.99 USD until then, but I hope you like it enough to give it a shot.

I’m off to celebrate!

This is the exceptionally cool front cover by Holly Maitland. Joe Donovan Final 1

2 thoughts on ““I am not Joe Donovan” makes it to Kindle

  1. Well done…but will not read as do not want to save to computer, have had probs again. Got restraining order. Jean has been kind. She n Mike came by tried to help w computer. K as angry and w’drawn as ever, me as lonely. TAking him yet again to doc later today. I am just existing. I know how Elizabeth felt. Lonely. I met with her mother Margaret yday – keeps trying to drag me to xtn services, I refuse. she also lectures me. I back off. We change subject. She is unwell, I feel for her, but understand E’s problems. X J

    Juliana Venning


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