Photo on 10-08-18 at 12.31 PMI am attracting a lot of scumbags at the moment. I don’t know why. Previously a daily shower and moderate application of deodorant did the trick, but not anymore. The scumbags I’m talking about would never get close enough to smell the sweat of honest labour, these are electronic invaders who spend their lives sitting in front of a computer thinking up ways to separate me from my hard-earned cash.

The first for the week was an approach from a woman calling herself Aimee Ann who wanted to review my book. “Yipee!!” I thought, “someone has read it and liked it.” I sent a cautious reply because I am new to the world where people make six figure incomes from their website – but deep down I felt there was something “off” about Aimee Ann and  her approach coming hard on the heels of a listing on Amazon. I checked her out. Her website was good. Lots of excellent books and all of them with rave reviews. Ding! All of them??? Then I got to the  6 foot 7 inch tall Marine husband who was serving overseas and her claim to donate to a fallen heroes charity. Ding, Ding, Ding  A more specific google search told me Aimee Ann would love any book if you pay her a fee. $USD 75 to be exact. Of course you can review my book Aimee! What else was I going to buy with that money, food?

Then last night I got a FB message from an old friend wanting to contact me. I was delighted and replied because the photograph was of my friend and who wouldn’t want to catch up for a chat? “Let’s meet,” I said, giving her my schedule of free days. She replied that she’d been busy and was “full of excitement”. Weird I thought, are we having two different conversations? I’ve known this particular friend since High School and I have never heard her refer to her joy as being “full of excitement” before, but hey… it’s been while, things change. When I asked her why she was so full of excitement she replied, “our profiles was used for the winning. I received $200thousand winnings after claiming.”  This morning when I looked at my phone her photograph has gone and I have a little tag which says, “you can’t reply to this conversation” and when I clicked “learn more,” I find I could have been blocked or she could have deleted or deactivated her account. So all I can say now is “Ha, Ha, Ha thieving scumbags, you didn’t get me!” and I really hope they didn’t get my joyous friend either.

It is entirely possible in this hideous electronic world, that my avatar is sending similar stupid messages to all my FB friends. If any of you are discerning enough to read this blog, trust me,   I AM NOT HAVING A WINNING!




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