Grandparenting – Day 1

Photo on 21-04-19 at 2.31 PMIt is Easter Sunday and today the children’s parents are heading overseas. We are exceptionally grateful for chocolate. The kids had chocolate eggs for breakfast followed by a trip to the supermarket to find the ingredients for the marshmallow eggs we are making as a distraction later on this afternoon. An Easter Egg hunt has just been a successful completed – which means chocolate eggs for lunch. We are in Grandparent heaven. It doesn’t last.  “What fruit have you eaten today Ruby?”  comes from their mother and “Who left a half-eaten caramel egg on the coffee table?” from their Dad. These questions remind me I have 2 weeks in which I’ll have to walk the fine, (probably chocolate), line between over-indulgent grandmother and the-buck-stops-here mother figure.  I feel like the little red caboose. “I think I can, I think I can.”   And with the aid of a few carefully with-held pieces of chocolate, I most certainly will.

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