GP – Day 10

The hair wasn’t right this morning. There had been hints of impending doom last night after the mixture of olive oil, vinegar, honey and cinnamon had been applied. Apparently the smell of vinegar had been overpowering. When I joked she could wake up bald she came right back with, “Good. I won’t have to go to school”. She didn’t wake up bald. She woke up early and raced into the shower to replace the vinegarette mixture with shampoo and conditioner. Aside from that and a nagging doubt there was something she was supposed to hand in today, she was good to go. Middle sister wanted to know a list of planets in our solar system and what it was that  could be “made, laid down and broken though it was difficult to touch them?” What am I? Mastermind in a dressing gown? At least give me access to a cup of tea first.  Ruby checked the weather – Good! Cloudy! And wet! then went to work on finding an acceptable lunch protein. Hmmm…rice or another chocolate biscuit? We settled on a slice of ham. Which was actually 2 slices of ham neatly disguised as 1. It’s looking a bit old so maybe it will come home uneaten but it’s there if there is a nuclear catastrophe and she’s desperate. She and Sophie then went rollerblading and taught the dog how to get her dog nuts out of a plastic container that’s supposed to make her work for her food and stop her brain from decaying. Maybe that’s my problem. I should never have worked out how to open the fridge. Now that they’re off to school I’ve noticed the fish is lying very still on top of the water. How typical is that when I have the filtered water turning to room temp on the bench? Whew. A tiny tail flick – but just so you know, there will be no heroics on my watch. For the dog – yes, but not for the fish.

A thought occurred to Sophie as she was putting her school shoes  (lot more difficult now with her long, yellow nails.) “What do you do all day Nanny, when we’re at school?”

Nothing my Precious Petals. I just sit here and think how wonderful it is to be quiet and how much I miss you.20190425_122653.jpg

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