GP – Day 12

The “other” Andersons, the ones travelling abroad, are in the midst of renovations. I understand what that’s like but jeeez mate, these guys are the slowest builders I’ve ever come across. All week I’ve said to the girls – I’ve been told the wardrobe’s going in soon, make sure everything’s cleared away. It never happens and I am beginning to get a rep as the Nanny who cries “wolf”. At least twice a day the boss comes round and says all the right things. “Sweep that floor Weiner,” then 10 minutes later, “Did you sweep that floor?” The 2 boys wear work boots, the boss works – in jandals. Today after the girls had moved the bunks and recovered an untold number of lolly wrappers and “precious” things they’d forgotten all about, I ask if the wardrobe is going in today.  “Oh, yeah,” the boss says. “”I’ll give Kevvie a ring. He’s semi-retired so he’ll have time.” Kevvie was obviously out fishing because I see they’ve closed off the doors that took them all day yesterday to hang and the bedrooms are unchanged.  I however, have moved downstairs for the day to be out of their way.  It’s cool and the bed is very inviting for one with a cold. I am leaving tomorrow. I will miss all this laid back-ed-ness but am feeling it’s time to get other writing muscles flexed. I should make the most of what’s here. I know when the cold winds are blowing and the rain is dumping on Christchurch I’ll regret not going down to the beach for a swim, But I have a bad cold and I know how to live with regret. Especially when all I want to do is lie on the bed and have a nap.


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