Sometimes it pays to sit back, look at what the world has given you and say thank you. I had  a wonderful time in Australia with the kids and the dog and the failing fish. I even knew where things were in the pantry and was so far ahead of the washing no-one dared to throw out anything I’d seen the day before. The best times were the ones where there was no TV, no tablets just us telling each other stories and laughing. This is what happens when you grow a boy, into a man who choses a wise woman to marry and gives me grand-daughters.

And speaking of big thank you’s – Chiara Bee arrived safe and healthy last week into my wonderful Thailand family so all up, my boys have given this world 5 girls – and their mother a short, sharp lesson or two in the many facets of hair brushing/tying/washing/drying/curling/de-nitting… and the general drama’s of life as seen through the eyes of today’s girls.

I’ve also progessed on the writing front – but that did require a little input. I have finally, finally, finally, made in-roads into Radio New Zealand and there is a chance War Stories will be broadcast later this year. It’s been like pecking at a concrete wall with a teaspoon but to have someone take the time to listen to the podcasts, then tell me he liked them, means I did an okay job on something I thought was very important.

I’ve not been to work because I’ve been a bit under the weather and what do I find on my doorstep this morning, but chicken soup and feijoa’s from a friend and it sounds as though my 87 year old mother is making me dinner. The chicken soup has been eaten and I feel better already. Bring on the rissoles!

Even when things are grey and overcast, there is a lot to be thankful forPhoto on 8-05-19 at 15.04.

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