I get them occasionally. Weird hits on my website. From places like the Netherlands, Ireland, Canada, China and I kid you not, Ubekistan. I wonder if people have lost their way or if my name is similar to someone elses. And then I think, what does someone in Iceland or Italy have to enter into a search engine to end up with me? I  hope, more than I should that it’s because of the copies of  “I am Not Joe Donovan”  I left last year in a couple of international airports and on the London Underground –  a presumtion that they all made it into the hands of readers and weren’t chucked out by the cleaners.  Inside each book I went all hippy and wrote:  This is a free book. If you enjoy it, please pass it on. I wanted them to be picked up by book publishers and film producers but I didn’t think that through very well.  I should have been throwing copies at passing limousines and bribing someone to leave them in the loo of the Koru club and not on the cheap seats at the airport.

But whatever the reason people visit, I love it.  Whoever you are, you make my day.

Joe Donovan Final 1

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