My Writing Life


Today was a day off from paid employment. I woke up early and wrote my 2 pages of dribble. I write longhand each morning in a school exercise book that I burn when it’s full. No skeletons left in my cupboards, though I do wonder what my funeral would be like if I suddenly died and someone read it. Let me tell you now kids – these are those thoughts you need to have in order to have better ones. Ok?

I read the paper during breakfast. It was full of death and idiots and crimes no-one needs to know about. I did the word-find and the maze. I aim for ‘Very Good” in the word-find. “Very Good” was once called “Excellent.”  I liked it better then. Outside the sun was shining so I put on a load of washing and went to the gym. 

Mid morning I went foraging for food and to Paper Tree to purchase a new exercise book for dribbling in.  Paper Tree no longer have my trusty Warwick A4. I bought 3 purple pens because I’m afraid that soon they won’t have those either. Purple ink is not to be taken seriously which is why it is perfect for dribble.

After lunch I found out what the men are working at across the river, then I vaccuumed the house. It was one of those days when every sweep yeilded something that rattled up the pipe so I’m not apologising for that.  Now I’m doing my blog and sometime within the next hour, Keith and I are going to the Art Show. When I get back I will knowingly have allowed another writing day to disappear. Which is stupid because I nailed that reporter character last week and I’m about to push the married couple into unfamiliar territory so there are some exciting things to do; but I’m  putting it off because it’s hard and because I love it and what if I finish and everyone thinks it’s crap?

I have it scheduled into the programme tomorrow – sometime after my long appointment with the newpaper and before I take Mum to the bus.




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