Thailand No 1.


“Nanny, you do loud snores. I had to put my hands over my ears like this!”  3 years old and no filter. I took it on the chin because it’s oh so true, but at the same time there was a small part of me wanting to say, “Don’t I get any credit at all for waking up 12 times during the night to make sure you were still alive?”

We were her first sleep over. Not planned by anyone except Chloe who had voiced her intentions for hours. I predict that whatever future awaits her it will not be with the UN negotiating team. Changing a retrenched position, however slight, is not something she’s prepared to do. Luckily we were tired from all the excitement of a new day and not much sleep the previous night. Bedtime was the same time for us all.  I know she was the last one to close her eyes because I woke up and the torch was lighting a particularly interesting fold in the quilt,  but to give credit where it’s due, she slept the entire night. Spread out like a far flung star in the middle of our bed.

We are spending 2 weeks in a self-catering apartment just across the road from her building. The apartment (18/16 – and yes, it is only 1 apartment on the 3rd floor and I have no idea what all those numbers mean either),  is a perfect example of the Thai Modern School of Architecture. We have a great looking shower with a selection of showerheads but the shower door has been put on back to front which means the more flesh you own the less room you have to squeeze in between the furtherest arch of the door and the taps. In the living room we have a handy set of double plugs that can only fit one plug at a time and as per every home in Thailand, the sink has only cold running water. I’ve never had stomach bugs here but the spouse is rather concerned and boiling the kettle in case typhoid is lurking in the tap. He’ll calm down. It’s that sort of place. You arrive here and because Bangkok looks so westernized, you don’t expect it to be anything else. But it is – and isn’t that one of the great delights of travelling? Remember the three legged bed in Eceabat? And the man who ran over his wife with the donkey cart? These are the memories that make our lives. And this wonderful little apartment just across the street from Mark and Andrea’s will always be where Chloe had her first sleepover and discovered just how loud her Nanny Robyn snores.

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