Bangkok – city of transport options

Mark on bicycleThailand comes complete with multiple travel options. In the past few days I’ve travelled on the sky train, a couple of taxi’s, a klong boat, a posh ferry, a fall-out-the-side-if-you’re-not-careful ferry, a bicycle, a couple of tuk tuk, and something I can’t name that’s an old datsun truck with a couple of seats along either side of the back and a roof to keep off the rain. None of this would happen if it was just the two old codgers but Mark has always had adventure hardwired into him and we just tag along behind. Yesterday was a blast with the 100mph fast trip up a canal (Klong) in a boat that a lot of locals use to get around the city. The nanny (not me – the one that gets paid) was terrified we’d drop the 3 year old in the drink but I don’t think it would’ve mattered too much. She’s pretty light and could probably dance across the large drifts of unrecyclible plastic floating on the top. We did a great lunch in a place where they go out and wrangle the prawns out of the tank for you to eat, and finished off by counting the dead fish floating in the river. It was very sad.  Today we’ve been to a protected park and biked around it in the rain. As I age I am finding I’m no longer that confident cyclist who rode 3 miles with no hands on the handlebars. A little variation to the left is an overcorrection to the right and into the  path of an oncoming car. But it’s Thailand. They know how to brake and I could pretty much assume that the second that driver clocked me wobbling along the road, he’d gone “Sharp eye on the crazy woman!” We found a market, ate unidentified things and came home in the humid midday. I am over at my abode ostensibly getting the swimming togs on but I got a tad waylaid checking on the world. I had better get going. There is ‘swimmings’ to be done, and I want first dibs on the lilo.


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