New words

I am beginning to get accustomed to my surroundings. I know this because I walked out of the airconitioned room in our airbnb and thought “It’s quite cool today.”  I’ve just looked it up. It’s 31 C.  That makes some of the previous days here really, really hot!

It was Thailand’s Mother’s Day on Monday. I like the idea of everyone getting a week day off. Much better than a Sunday where it takes up space that’s already earmarked for relaxation. We came home on Sunday to see this notice in our elevator. (Please note the hotel is called Dazzle and we have no idea where The Dazzler came from!)

Mothers Day in Thailand

A chilling situation? The mind boggles almost as much as it did for the “Pretty Pus” shop downtown. Our  granddaughter is also trying out new expressions – some of which will return to good old Nothing Happens NZ. Chocolick, and clastic (plastic) are joining our own children’s wipescreamers (windscreen wipers) and lickstick. I reckon that by the time we’ve travelled a few more miles and the grandkids are raising their own kids, our family might just have a language of our own. Bring it on Bangkok!



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