Prevarication (aka Dithering)

I’m only writing the blog because I can’t work out how the police are going to get the husband to confess. Of course he won’t, because according to him he didn’t do it – even though we, the readers, know he did. It’s one of those chapters in a new book that you have to have energy to attack and at 4pm on a Wednesday the tanks running a little dry. I know I still have 2 chocolates hidden in the hideyhole and I’ve had coffee but the truth is, I’m a bit scared of D.S. Carmen Jarrett. She is not someone you want to upset, and Nathan, who is a right little weasel, did that on their first meeting. It’s going to be a doozy of a day tomorrow!

I have written my pitch for the story.  Because these are the words I hope will sell this story, I’d like to know what you think.

Her actions – his lies.

The Smell of Rain

by Robyn Anderson (copywrite 2019)

Driving home from a night out, Nathan Byne hits a boy on the road. He takes off and his wife Sandi is left comforting the dying child.

While the police trawl through CCTV for a suspect, a crusading reporter encourages the world of Instagram and Twitter to express it’s outrage.  

Nathan and Sandi say nothing.  They have a lot to lose and with each passing day anything they may have gained from telling the truth, disappears and compounds their silence.

It is only when D.S. Carmen Jarrett visits Nathan that he comes up with a plan.

What Nathan doesn’t know is that there is evidence linking his car to the crime.

What Sandi doesn’t know, is that her husband is setting her up and is about to feed her to the wolves.




4 thoughts on “Prevarication (aka Dithering)

  1. Hi Girls Just thought this might be interesting. I am wrapped to see it appear so soon. Merry Christmas and lots of love to you all. Cheers Wendy


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