Where in the world are you Joe?

This week I took the big step of taking an idea and pushing it out into the world. When I went to England in 2018 I took some copies of “I am not Joe Donovan” with me and I thought, like the innocent lamb that I am, that a few copies, left in interesting places might start that ‘word of mouth buzz’ that turns unknown authors into super stars. Inside each book I wrote “This book as been left as a gift from the author. If you enjoy it, please review on Goodreads and pass it on.” And that was the end of that. No calls from Bloomsbury, no film offers, not even a review. I do have a 4 star rating on Goodreads but that’s mainly because I gave myself a 5 and some of my friends have come through with a 4. The unknown reader who also gave it 4 stars is a genuine. My main excitement comes from the activity on my website. Random hits from places like Ethiopia, Ubekistan and China make me wonder if these are from people who’d found the book. Sometimes I really want to know if this is the case so yesterday I created a Facebook  post about my search for the book and sent it off to my friends. A large number of them whizzed it off to their friends who are hopefully doing the same so that in time it may be a viral chainletter that I hope will bring me news of a well-travelled “I am not Joe Donovan.”

And this is a 24 hour report. In the 3 days prior to me posting my intent on Facebook, my website got a grand total of 2 views per day, all from NZ. Yesterday there were 59 from NZ and 1 from Australia.


Wouldn’t it be amazing if this wonky photo (yep, bad hair day), and a Facebook post could bring a picture of a tattered copy of Joe Donovan still surviving somewhere out in the world?

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