Been there already


And this is what I learned.

  1. There is nothing like the cool feel of plastic shaped like your bum and a porcelain receptical to do your business in. A plastic bucket in the garage and burying the result in the garden really doesn’t cut the mustard.
  2. The calm, dulcet tones of Jacina Adern giving us 24 hours notice of hardship is a mile away from a massive earthquake shuddering you around your bed, and your bed around your room while all the time accepting if it doesn’t stop you are going to die. In the next thirty seconds.
  3. Water is necessary.  Food not so much.
  4. Electricity beats water – but only because you can heat the water and make tea.
  5. Flat road surfaces are something I will never take for granted.
  6. Never leave home without your phone.
  7. Never leave a building without your handbag.
  8. Never ever trust a loud, rumbling noise until you know where it comes from.
  9. Sometimes natural disasters send your kids away so their kids can live a life free of all these lessons.
  10. Possessions are pointless when compared to relationships and what you do with what you have.


The hardships I expect in the next four weeks.

  1. Netflix overload
  2. Netflix failure
  3. Forced into gardening and cleaning for exercise
  4. Too much together time
  5. Umm….. did I mention Netflix?
  6. More facetime with the kids.
  7. Word content of novel to increase more than confirmed cases of Covid-19

I’ve included a vision of one of my favourite places so you can calm down and think about the future. This was part of ours, who knows what yours may be.


Kia Kaha.


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