Reading from “I am Not Joe Donovan”

I did a reading from “I am not Joe Donovan” yesterday for the NZWritersRead Youtube .

I’m never going to be a film star.

Photo on 30-01-20 at 10.42

There was a lot of choosing where to sit and and what to read and then I had to decide what to say about the book. I’m much better playing with words on the page than the ones that come out my mouth so the first bit where I had to set the story and the last bit about me virtually giving books away, is a bit naff but the rest passed muster.

And isn’t it a good thing that the more you write the better you get? I felt like going through that mss with a red pen! Luckily I still like the story and that’s the big thing that I’m pitching – and if I’m suddenly overwhelmed with requests, I have a 2nd edition all primed and ready to send to the printers. I think the fact that it’s 3 pages shorter says a whole lot about learning curves.

Now I have to sit back and wonder if anyone has the nerve to read a story set in a post pandemic world.

Stay safe.


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