Anzac Day 2020 – Stand at Dawn

I had the alarm set for 5:50 . I impressed myself by waking at 5:48. Once dressed, I had time, I thought, for the jug to boil and a quick cuppa but I had RNZ on my phone and the water was barely in the cup and they were prompting me to rush out to my mail box. As I made my way there in the dark, I noticed the newspaper had been delivered and I wondered what they’d do if they’d not finished. Would they carry on chucking it onto the driveways, past the people standing there in the dark or would they resume in 20 minutes? Ahead of me on the Port Hills I could see the repeater station glowing red in honour of the day. No-one else in our cul de sac came out – though halfway through the Ode, one of the renters came out with a torch to hunt amongst the many cars they have parked in the driveway. I’d no sooner given him a few points for being aware of the Stand At Dawn Anzac Commemoration  – and for being dressed, than he swore and went back inside. I suspect he was looking for something small that comes in a small plastic bag.  As the National Anthem played in my ear, the neighbours drove up. They’d been social distancing with their daughter who lives down the road. Lots of bugles they said, -it sounded great. They didn’t realize there was more and I only explained about the radio in my ear because I could see they were perplexed to see me still outside in the dark. After our conversation ended I picked up the paper and went inside. After breakfast I made Anzac biscuits from the old Edmonds book. I put some in a plastic bag and left them at the neighbours mailbox because they know what it was like this morning, when we all came out to stand in the darkfullsizeoutput_12a9

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