App appeal

I used to think that once I’d learned the days of the week and was able to recall their order I would never be without an anchor to the present. Occasionally I would consult a calendar, but that was for the future. Would I have time, I would ask the calendar, to fit in the extras and do the things I couldn’t live without? Now I’m living like a hermit and I’ve discovered there are quite a few things I can live without but today as I was preparing to re-number the days on the monthly organizer I asked myself the tricky question – what day it is today?  Hmm. I had no idea. Doing pretty much the same thing everyday doesn’t set you up for answering complex questions like this. I looked at the calendar and the weird thing I discovered about a calendar is that it’s completely useless if you don’t have a starting point. I was beginning to have a great deal of sympthany for people I’d thought had lost their marbles. In the end I had to find my phone and surprised myself by discovering the rest of the world was a day ahead of me. I was shocked. Somewhere between Anzac Day and now, I’d completely deleted a day of my life.

One of the most valuable lessons of this lockdown is that it’s shown me how wonderful the world of technology is. People I’ve never met have invented apps that make life so much more interesting than it is when you’re just sitting around wondering if you should move your arse off the chair and go pull out a weed.  I have to confess I can download one but to me an app makes as much sense as the numbers that tell me how much storage my computer has. I do know there are no little people running around inside my laptop pulling out plugs and filling up rooms with lots and lots of words until the doors won’t stay shut anymore, but I no more understand what is in there than I understand the universal appeal of golf. What I love about all these apps is that they hold us up. When we don’t know the day – there’s an app that’s never wrong. And when we want to sing Happy Birthday to our grand-daugher in Bangkok on Sunday there’s an app that will make us all smile at the same time and make me feel that even though it will be a long time until I get one of those kids in my arms again, I can at least keep them realistically close to my heart. Well done App-er-ators! Thank you.fullsizeoutput_12ad




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