In the company of Knitters

I love knitting. Unlike sewing with its exactness, knitting is an activity that allows for mistakes and watching tv at the same time. As the years progress, I have developed a level of proficency – though I suspect that I reached my peak with my last baby shawl and am now on the downward slope which ends in knitting garter stitch scarves. I have just completed “the rug no-one wants”. My idea was to give it to the kids in Thailand but as it was being put together I realized 8ply and Thailand – even with their nightly arctic aircon, weren’t a good match and it was going to cost me almost as much as the value of the wool to post the damned thing. I had also detected a lack of enthusiasm from the intended recipients so I decided it would find a home, closer to home. Mum loved it but declined on the basis of already having a rug so I have gifted it to my husband who loves the colours so much he wants it spread out on the couch all day. Drives me batty because thats’s the thing when I’ve finished knitting something, I’m usually well and truly over it. Looking at those squares day in and day out is too much so I’ve folded it into a neat pile which I hope will suffice until he can spread it over his knees in the wheelchair. But I digress. Once the rug was complete I had nothing to do and for three long nights I tried to fill in my time with Sudoko, the exercycle and walking to the kitchen and opening up the fridge. Yesterday I cracked and headed for the Knit Store. I admit the thought that maybe we, as they have in Auckland, would also end up in Level 3 Lockdown and I would be left without a project, was also playing on my mind. I was not alone. The store is tiny and was packed with women searching for projects. It was a joyful 45 min as complete strangers discussed patterns – “no! I wouldn’t go with 8 balls – they’ve underestimated that in the pattern. Took me an extra 50 g and I’m a tight knitter” That sort of conversation was everywhere as we clucked approvingly over new projects and suggested this and that to each other. We laughed at ourselves and our old-fashioned hobby and it was damned good. Even the Covid Tracer thingy outside the store scanned on my phone. So here’s to another few weeks of productivity and the continuing presence of woolley sheep upon the land. Photo on 14-08-20 at 09.16


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