Level 2 Library Closure

I never thought I’d write a bad review of a library but I couldn’t believe that today, after all the lead-in time from the government, our Christchurch libraries were still closed. I suspect they will have anticpated a busy day but WE ALL HAVE BUSY DAYS – and most of us devoted library goers would’ve understood if there was still a heap of unshelved books waiting for another day. What prompted me to write to them (and to their credit they have replied); was that this morning was a return to winter with a vengence. There were fierce winds and freezing rain, yet in a parade to the library door I was outnumbered 3-1 by the very old, the very frail and going back to their cars buffeted by the 100 k/hr winds, the very disappointed. I too had looked forward to the library opening but I wasn’t that concerned when it wasn’t. Imagine being partially sighted and having the same 2 books to listen to for several weeks? Or just the thought that here at last was an opportunity to do something familiar and to find out you are not worth informing of the opening hours change because you don’t have an internet connection or a mobile phone? Shame on you Christchurch Libraries. It’s not as though you haven’t operated under Level 2 before.

And to the customers who are arguing with (and upsetting), grocery store staff who ask them to keep their distance – stop being arseholes. These workers have literally put their lives on the line so you can eat an avocado. The least you can do is hold back and yell at someone who knows and understands you’re a miserable sod with no compassion.

For our first day in Level 2 it’s been a bit of a shitty day – in more ways than one. Here’s to a better one tomorrow.

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