My conversation goes like this.

I chose vaccination against Covid 19 because I love my family and feel a responsibility towards the people in my community.

You chose not to be vaccinated because…? I don’t really care.

When you wave placards saying, ‘I’m doing this for you!’ it annoys me. At least be honest. You are doing it for you. The Me First movement.

Attention is addictive. If you can’t attend certain events and forfeit your job then bang on about it being unconstitutional… Nope, I still don’t care.

But I will still talk to you and I promise not to revile you for your beliefs.

I will feel very sad if your position remains unchanged and you die of this preventable disease.

And just so we’re clear, I’ll be furious if you survive and pass it on to someone who did everything they could and they’re the ones that die.

That’s it.


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