Appointment to see my mother

I wrote a FB post (Press Release style) in the hope that someone would take it up and pass it on. It saddens me that I will no longer have the freedom to visit my mother whenever I feel like it. Today I had a letter in my bag from my sister and was fresh from a phone call from my granddaughter – lots of things we could’ve talked about. But because someone, or a series of risk-adverse someones in Ryman’s Head Office have decreed appointments are now necessary, that pleasant hour or so talking has been taken away from us.

Below is a copy of my text. The PR is on my FB page. Please send it to your friends – wherever you live. It’s the only way changes will be made.


Norma Nicoll is 90 years old and a resident in the Anthony Wilding Care Home in Aidanfield.

Her daughter, Robyn Anderson went to visit her on Sunday and was turned away because she had not made an appointment. An astonished Anderson reports – ‘I have never made an appointment to see my mother in my life.’ Both Anderson and her mother are fully vaccinated.

‘I came in today fully prepared to show my vaccine pass and to have my temperature taken. I was wearing my mask and I would’ve complied with all other requirements. But to be told I have to make an appointment – and that no spaces are available, is heartbreaking. How can there be no appointments? If that system works shouldn’t each resident be entitled to a visitor slot?’

Anderson is a former Registered Nurse and aware of how much protection is extended to residents in the Ryman home but feels too little thought is given to mental well-being and would like to hear some justification from Rymans for the change. When she asked today she was told by a receptionist, ‘It’s because we’re in the Orange Traffic Light system’. Nothing in the Orange Traffic Light rules say visits to Rest Homes are to be limited. ‘But you can’t fight Ryman’s. They strive to keep their residents safe which is admirable. My mother has faced many hardships in her life. Treating her this way may prolong her life but if she’s deprived of outside contact through a ballot system of appointments is that a life worth living?’

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