A little bit of Christmas

I’ve had a downer on Christmas this year. No kids, no tree and even the thought of trying to whip up enthusiasm for a lonely ‘slap-up’ meal for two-and-the-mother, has been hard to do. It’s no surprise to anyone that sending Christmas cards was not on my list. Then one day last week I received a card from my aunt. I was touched by what she wrote. A flicker of Christmas spirit burst into light. I rummaged in the card box and found a card, then before the flicker went out, wrote a note of cheer, attached the peeled off the stamp from her envelope to my envelope and biked up and dumped it in the post. I was really chuffed. If only all Christmas carding could be as joyous – and free. Now because it’s inevitable and I am more of a glass half-full person, I’m sorta/halfpie enthused about making a pav and a trifle and cooking a turkey – albeit a turkey roll (already stuffed) and if I have read the box correctly, drizzled with cranberry juice. I could’ve taken the opportunity to go entirely rogue on the menu but I couldn’t bear the thought of disappointing the 90 year old. There will be alcohol. There will be a few presents, Facebook messaging with everyone and that, I suspect, will be the best part of all. The other day the 6 year old’s toothy grin appeared on my phone advising me there were only three more sleeps left!! That, right there, is Proper Christmas. The wide-eyed anticipation of a mystery. Chloe and her sister are lucky they live on the 7th floor of their apartment because that’s the one right at the top. There’s a clear space for the sled to land and Chloe says she will be lying in bed waiting to hear the hooves on the roof. ‘Me too!’ chimed her little sister. I don’t envy a Santa used to going to bed at 9:30, having to outlast two excited little girls but that’s going to be another Christmas miracle. I won’t be able to hug most of my immediate family but I will be able to see them (thank you technology) and I will not have to do dishes (thank you husband and dishwasher), pick up a tonne of used wrapping paper or negotiate the fine line between saying the right thing and doing the wrong. So despite me thinking I am dismissing Christmas this year, I’m not really.

If my mother can pose with a bear dressed up like Santa and smile…

To everyone reading this, have a great day. Be thankful for what’s right in front of you and when it’s midnight on New Year, let’s all collectively wish for viral annihilation.

One thought on “A little bit of Christmas

  1. Hope your Christmas was an enjoyable one for you Robyn and Keith… in contrast… Brian’s most prized Christmas Present was a pair of socks… delivered by Santa (via eldest granddaughter Rebecca) with ‘All I want is Peace and Quiet’ . With the coming and going of activities throughout the days he did manage some… and the house will be emptied of bodies in another 5 hrs!

    We do love having everyone around and count ourselves very fortunate.

    Love from Joy…


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