Facing the Future

This week I was treated to a kids yoga class beaming in from the 7th floor of a Bangkok apartment. It was a Best British Bakeoff one which is so much fun I’m still thinking about the Paul Hollywood handshake pose! Before it began the phone had to be strategically placed to include both children. When that was done the six year old stuck her head right up to the screen and said – Are you comfy? I melted like an icecream in the heat. I have no idea what the two-and-a-half year-old thinks is behind the screen. Something enviable because when it’s on the Nanny app, her sister is taking it places and chatting. When the smaller version does get some time with me, it’s all grins. Big, satisfied grins that she now has the phone. It soon becomes obvious she’s not too sure how the rest of it goes which is what I feel I need to address. I’m thinking about giving real life a go some time this year. I think it’s about time we learned how to get along in a different dimension where you can’t push the red button when you want to do something else. I know all the barriers but right now like a lot of other absent grandparents, I’m thinking of what there is to gain. I’ve also got a brand new suitcase I’ve never used so what better excuse can there be?

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