Stretch and Core

I was almost a headline. ‘Elderly woman rescued from motel spa bath.’ Even if I’d kept silent and not called in the emergency services I’d have recognized myself in ‘Sharp rise in Spa bath accidents’ and it was all because the nice man at reception had recommended using the spa bath in the motel unit. I don’t know what possessed him. It took a lot of hot water to fill it up but obviously he was in a generous mood. What he’d not taken into account was my lack of upper body strength when it came to hauling myself out. I did manage to do it without pulling the taps from the wall and said nothing to my husband until several days later but it was the sort of wake up call that prompted me to sign up for the ‘Strength and Core’ classes at the gym. I had my first class yesterday at 10am. Everything was on track until 9:40 when I was ready to go. If there hadn’t have been fog I’d have biked but the thing that makes me love biking (no wind) was the thing that kept the fog in-situ so I was taking the car. First I needed to find Husband Number One because his car was parked in front of the garage (sound familiar?) I looked through the house, went out to the garage, tapped on the caravan window, yelled into the wilderness and finally I rang him up. He was in the loo. By this time I was looking at possibly being late. By the time I pulled into the gym and found the park full, I was late. But lo! In the far corner, a park. I backed into it and got out. It belonged to the physio. I ran inside. ‘When does the physio come to work?’ ‘About ten I think.’ I obviously needed to move the car. I ran into the gym – no class there. I was informed all the classes are held upstairs. Of course they were! I raced up the stairs and found the room. It was full of stetching people but right by the door was a mat and a chair. For me. The instructor waved me in. I’m sure she was thinking, we’ve just started, she’ll catch up, only to hear, ‘Sorry- but- I- have- to-move – my- car.’ I ran down the stairs, out to the car, took off down the road and drove around the back of the office complex next door and into the overflow park. I ran back to the gym, past reception (‘my you’re busy today!’), and up the stairs into the my class. I was a little hot for a while but I am pleased to report, it was one of the best classes I’ve been to in a long time.

NB/ Husband number one is still living and I now know to pick up the phone before undertaking a full section search.

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