My mother in law was a Southland farmer’s wife. She knew all about hard work and new ventures. During her life she was part of the team of two who turned swampland into farmland, then went bush to develop a tourist venture. While there was still some gas in the tank she travelled around the … More Nola


It came to me today as I listened to the achievements of the cricketer making 200 runs on debut at Lords, that while he is most certainly talented and possesses a formidable determination, he could not have stood out there on his own. He needed a team mate at the other end and perhaps more … More Winning

The Wobbly Thing.

Switch on with the remote then using the playstation controller push the playstation icon to make the screen go blue. (Not an issue. A child could do this.) and you can see the list of instructions. (Isn’t that a menu? ). Click on x for Ben. (Nonono. How do I do that? Okayyyy, got it.)Use … More The Wobbly Thing.

Blood Red Moon

Some words hold magic. Escapologist, King Tide, humblebee, are all words ripe for the picking but it was the moon that scored big last night. Bloody and red it appeared just after 11pm through the bare branches of the twisty tree at the end of our deck. It was very cold last night and reminded … More Blood Red Moon


I went to Australia in search of family and I am happy to say I found them. Older, definitely taller and so much more settled than I had dared to expect. We did lots of things together. Some were expensive and some were not. I was a wuss at Sea World. I held the bags … More Home