I’ve just bought a bike. The colour, watermelon pink isn’t exactly a colour I’d have chosen myself but since Trade Me wasn’t flush with bicycles I wanted to own, watermelon pink it was. I had strict criteria for this purchase – not expensive being the first one. I also wanted one like Fran’s. I rode … More Pinky

Taking Advice

When it comes to advice I’m more of a giver than a receiver. And my husband…let’s say he’s more of a receiver but he receives it all with an impressive non-verbal response then carries on regardless. A perfect example is the trailer he wants to turn into a caravan. I have advised him to think … More Taking Advice

Going Grey

I thought it was about time I went grey. I want my hair to match the wrinkles on my face I say to the hairdresser who looks horrified but there is something about having to wait an extra week for your next appointment and watching the sideburns fade to shades of something not too bad, … More Going Grey


My friend’s mother last night. She has been in and out of hospital and each time my friend saw her increasingly frail mother she knew this day was coming, but it was not until the doctor said it out loud that it became true. She said she threw some clothes in the car and took … More Mothers

Myth Busting

This morning I put on shorts and a tee shirt. It was 19 degrees yesterday and I didn’t want to waste a precious drop of vitamin D. So what did I do this morning before the wind started to blow and after I’d chopped the mint down to size (stalks) and divested the lemon of … More Myth Busting

Buying a new bra

It’s winter and I’ve put on a little extra poundage. While my adult children eat like well-honed athletic specimens, I defend to the death, my right to eat bread. And anything else I fancy. I’ve just eaten a Whittakers Peanut Bar in three mouthfuls, but… it was one of those mini ones and when I … More Buying a new bra