Dear America

Dear America If you were my child I’d tell you to sit down somewhere quiet and take a breath. Bad things are happening all around you and right this minute, while the rest of the world is standing alongside and holding you up, take another breath. It’s okay. I heard today an actor has gone … More Dear America

Stretch and Core

I was almost a headline. ‘Elderly woman rescued from motel spa bath.’ Even if I’d kept silent and not called in the emergency services I’d have recognized myself in ‘Sharp rise in Spa bath accidents’ and it was all because the nice man at reception had recommended using the spa bath in the motel unit. … More Stretch and Core

On Holiday

I am on holiday somewhere in the hills beyond Bangkok. Well, no, I’m not, the Bangkokians are but yesterday I spent literally two hours hearing all about it so it does feel as though I’m there. I definitely know not have cereal for breakfast. Chloe had me psyched up for that the other day as … More On Holiday


We came back to NZ late in 2009 and began living in a flat. As our stuff was still on an ocean voyage needed to buy the sort of things your independent children ‘borrow’ from your long term storage unit and never replace. So I did what I understood everyone did and went to Briscoes. … More Changes

Me and Gym

Being old in the world of old is an eye opener. I’ve joined one of those gyms they advertise on telly – you know the ones associated with ‘LifeStyle’ villages that are filled with happy couples ‘gamboling’ (yep, first time I’ve ever used it), over the manicured lawns, drink in hand and a well-behaved little … More Me and Gym


Its been a weird few weeks. I’ve been doing a LOT of writing. It’s very satisfying to bend and shape these figments of my imagination into a coherant story and each day I’m visiting places in my mind that I’ve truly loved. That doesn’t take up every minute of the day and my latest project … More Sourdough