Fat and Finished

I hit a couple of milestones last week. I finished the first draft of my novel and I found myself as plump as a broody hen. I think the two are directly linked because for me, writing 62,000 words (not including the 25,000 in the outtake file), requires sitting on my bum hovering up whatever … More Fat and Finished

Opportunity lost

I’m the sort of person who needs three forms when I’m on the plane going into the US and they tell you you can’t make a mistake on the form. I always make a mistake. It’s because I think faster than I can write and my first thoughts are not necessarily spellchecked or belonging to … More Opportunity lost


I was 18 years old when I flew by myself from New Zealand, to South Bend, Indiana. It was 1972. I cried all the way from Invercargill to Christchurch which is a long trip in a turbo prop plane. I didn’t even have a passport. When I left Auckland a few hours later, I had … More Family


There are things in life that require great contemplation. At what stage of their  development should I remove the weeds from the vegetable garden? What should I take out of the freezer for the evening meal? Should I go to the physio for my arthritic knee when there are no guarantees it will help? It … More Slow

A DIY Life

Once upon a time we had banks.  They were places that kept the money we deposited and held the mortgages over our houses. The bank buildings were ornate and difficult to heat, but they smelled of money and had a big safe somewhere out the back that was filled with the stuff. I know this … More A DIY Life

Missed out again

If it hadn’t been for the honour awarded to my former boss (and mentor) and the nice woman at the gym who got a QSM, I’d have given a rant here about the stupidity of the Honours System. Who wants a country – particularly one the size of ours, full of Dames and Sirs I … More Missed out again