Blow out

I’ve never thought of myself as fat. A bit chubby, a love handle here and there but omg, today did I get the wake up call. I bent over and ripped the arse right out of my jeans. Just think about that for a moment. J-E-A-N-S. That item of clothing with triple sewn seams and … More Blow out


Today I did something different. I pushed my straggling locks behind my ears, moistened my lips with lipstick a shade darker than I wear around the house, squirted a puff of the very expensive perfume on the decollage and went out in the car. After weeks of walking and biking round and round the block, … More Musings

Been there already

¬†MY LAST LOCKDOWN WAS A NATURAL DISASTER And this is what I learned. There is nothing like the cool feel of plastic shaped like your bum and a porcelain receptical to do your business in. A plastic bucket in the garage and burying the result in the garden really doesn’t cut the mustard. The calm, … More Been there already

Military Wives

I have just bawled my way through 1.53 hrs of the film, “Military Wives”. It’s a simple story. A group of women form a choir and sing – badly at first but they get so good that they end up at the Albert Hall. The women are all married to British soldiers who have been … More Military Wives