A nice lunch out.

I am a considerate dining client. I made a reservation 2 days in advance and advised this ‘we consider ourselves an upmarket restaurant’ that my mother used a walking frame. On the day we were going out to lunch, my husband was free to join us so I phoned to check it would be okay. … More A nice lunch out.

Me, writing a book.

I have started writing another book. It’s a follow-on from ‘I am not Joe Donovan’ and it’s amazing just how much I don’t remember from this world that I alone, created. Sometimes it’s so basic it’s embarrassing. Like how old is Saracia? Ummmmmm? I’ve decided 18 but I knew that sort of stuff before and … More Me, writing a book.


Christmas is over and if you live in NZ, it seems everything is on sale. Half price off this and a “whopping” 20% of that, and in every shop, miserable looking sales assistants who’d rather be on holiday, manage to tear themselves away from their phones just long enough to check whether you’re a sucker … More Shopping

The Christmas Rant

This years version is exactly the same!! It’s about this time of the year I start to wish things were different. For a start off, a different hemisphere sounds pretty good to me – until I hear how many of the Thanksgiving Revellers are now ill with Covid and that London is shut down for … More The Christmas Rant

This is the day…

This is the day we usually spend tarting up the house. By this I mean as well as the vaccuuming and general cleaning, we’ve shake the creases out of the duvets in the spare rooms and make sure the dead flies on the window ledges and spiderwebs in the corners of the rooms, are well … More This is the day…

Bank on it.

My banking career began with saving money initially in a little red metal book that had tight, interlocking teeth that were only supposed to be opened by someone at the Post Office who had the key. I used a knife. Those pennies dropped full of promise onto my lap and were secreted away for ‘spending’ … More Bank on it.