Bowel Cancer

Bowel cancer invaded our lives just before Christmas. My husband took one of the stick tests sent out by the screening programme and was told he needed to have a colonoscopy. That happened in January and instead of being sent home to wait, we had a deputation appear and draw the curtain around the bed. … More Bowel Cancer

Dear Wilbur

I know you’re no longer with us but I thought, just in case there is a whisp of you clinging to the rain I’d like to say thank you for writing your books. In my 67 years on this earth I have read a shed-load of books and though I discard the boring ones within … More Dear Wilbur

Facing the Future

This week I was treated to a kids yoga class beaming in from the 7th floor of a Bangkok apartment. It was a Best British Bakeoff one which is so much fun I’m still thinking about the Paul Hollywood handshake pose! Before it began the phone had to be strategically placed to include both children. … More Facing the Future

Way back when….

In the bustle of Christmas we tend to forget the important things. My children and grandchildren are safe and well. And a whole lot older than they were back then.