OK Boomer

Yeah, it is okay. Now. After decades of paying mortgages of more than 18% we only have the rates to pay on our overvalued houses. Rates that come out of the pension we get because when the rules changed we had nothing to save and with inflation the way it was, we couldn’t, even if … More OK Boomer

Labour Weekend

I once had a baby on Labour Weekend. I had thoughtfully managed to avoid Bathurst – which in those days was on Free To Air television. I suspect the ambiance of the occasion permeated through to the womb because the baby arrived the following weekend with the disposition of a racing car driver and an … More Labour Weekend


I heard on Friday that War Stories is finally going to play on Radio New Zealand. It is airing on Labour Day (how apt!) 28th October, 7-9pm with an episode at the top of each hour. I am amazed – more so when I think about the long hard slog it’s taken to get there. … More Persistence

Party Pooper

It’s spring and I have reached the conclusion that every uncoupled person renting a house in my cul de sac has had a party this weekend. On Friday the hoons at the end started at 11am and went to about 1am before they fell over. Their immediate neighbours rang to tell us they’d finally discovered … More Party Pooper