I grew up with boys. I had a brother 18 months younger than I and all my cousins were boys. When I started Drummond School there were two girls in my class – counting me, and eleven boys. By the time I was ten no tree was unable to be climbed, opinions were voiced and … More Women

Face like a Dog

So you’re on Facebook and you have a photo of your dog instead of you. I don’t know your dog but I have to assume you’ve chosen your dog’s photo because you look alike. That’s what they say isn’t it, people morph into their dogs? Not happening you say? Are you sure? Not even one … More Face like a Dog


The sleepover came and went with no drama to speak of. We took the gold BMW convertible which is sometimes a mistake because people can get a bit shitty and think you’re flaunting your wealth. Just putting it on the table, – no wealth to flaunt. And the car is 18 years old, but that … More Kaikoura

The Super Species

I cannot imagine a life without children. They arrive whenever they feel it’s time and shoot off when they’re done. In the meantime, everything you have is theirs and that not only includes run of the mill stuff like food and hair gel, but also your time and the interior recesses of your brain. We … More The Super Species