I heard on Friday that War Stories is finally going to play on Radio New Zealand. It is airing on Labour Day (how apt!) 28th October, 7-9pm with an episode at the top of each hour. I am amazed – more so when I think about the long hard slog it’s taken to get there. … More Persistence

Party Pooper

It’s spring and I have reached the conclusion that every uncoupled person renting a house in my cul de sac has had a party this weekend. On Friday the hoons at the end started at 11am and went to about 1am before they fell over. Their immediate neighbours rang to tell us they’d finally discovered … More Party Pooper

Biffing Ugly Babies

I spent a large part of this weekend chucking out memories. I suspect it’s easier when it’s not your memories that are being flung into a black garbage bag but we had cleared out Mum’s house and the sense of calm induced by large swathes of emptiness got us started on the 40 tonne of … More Biffing Ugly Babies

Too Busy!

My mother’s house is going to be sold. I have spent days down there gradually replacing the feeling that this is an important part of my mother’s life ¬†with ‘what are we going to do with all this shit?’ Some of it I recognize as being mine. And that’s not the carefully kept school reports … More Too Busy!

Power outage

I grew up in Southland which is the land at the bottom of Te Wai Pounamu (The South Island). We lived, not in the picturesque mountains or bushland, but on the cultivated plains where the wind and rain come directly from Antarctica. Each winter we would have a storms, that somewhere far away, would topple … More Power outage