There are things in life that require great contemplation. At what stage of their  development should I remove the weeds from the vegetable garden? What should I take out of the freezer for the evening meal? Should I go to the physio for my arthritic knee when there are no guarantees it will help? It … More Slow

A DIY Life

Once upon a time we had banks.  They were places that kept the money we deposited and held the mortgages over our houses. The bank buildings were ornate and difficult to heat, but they smelled of money and had a big safe somewhere out the back that was filled with the stuff. I know this … More A DIY Life

Missed out again

If it hadn’t been for the honour awarded to my former boss (and mentor) and the nice woman at the gym who got a QSM, I’d have given a rant here about the stupidity of the Honours System. Who wants a country – particularly one the size of ours, full of Dames and Sirs I … More Missed out again

The Joy of Glasses

It’s autumn and dark now most mornings when I wake up. The other day my husband was still sleeping when I grabbed my glasses and my slippers and crept out. It was a most unusual morning. Everywhere I looked things were tinged with this miraculous amber light – until I opened the refrigerator and realized … More The Joy of Glasses

App appeal

I used to think that once I’d learned the days of the week and was able to recall their order I would never be without an anchor to the present. Occasionally I would consult a calendar, but that was for the future. Would I have time, I would ask the calendar, to fit in the … More App appeal

Blow out

I’ve never thought of myself as fat. A bit chubby, a love handle here and there but omg, today did I get the wake up call. I bent over and ripped the arse right out of my jeans. Just think about that for a moment. J-E-A-N-S. That item of clothing with triple sewn seams and … More Blow out