Current Projects

I’ve now completed the second draft  of a contemporary thriller about a woman who takes the blame for a roadside fatality then discovers how much she has been manipulated. It’s  called, ‘Prove it Never Happened.’

Also working on a followup to ‘I am not Joe Donovan.’  This is what to expect…

‘Word of the raiders spread through the city like an untamed fire. Some of Selona residents had believed they were the only living humans on earth and others maintained that no-one knew for certain unless they’d mapped the entire world; but now they all knew they were not alone. It raised some difficult questions – most of them to do with the rusting cargo ships in the harbour. There were suggestions from some that they give up one ship, as a sign of good will. Others wanted to fight to keep them all. The most moderate suggested establishing a dialogue. But before any decisions could be made, the raiders boarded their plakets and raced en masse towards the town in a show of bravado that left everyone stunned. The mayor rushed down to the docks and stood waiting as a man in his late thirties, who appeared to be their leader, stepped ashore. ‘

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