So what’s this Donovan book about?

I’ve got the short version listed below if you want to check it out. It’s the sort of thing you’d find on the inside of a book cover but what Joe Donovan is really about is what I think will happen if we keep our heads buried in our armpits. Nature doesn’t care what sort of person you are when she’s choosing survivors. When those survivors come to rebuild a world, is it for themselves or are there other considerations?    “Serva me, servabo te”  – “Save me and I will save you.” That’s what this Donovan book is about.


“I am not Joe Donovan”

In the wastelands of Selona, Elias, a Zontaguard soldier from the under-dome settlement of Treviothan is abandoned by the people he trusted most.

In a crumbling city mall, tex whizz Saracia Morton bravely uploads the memories from the recently murdered political activist Joe Donovan into her mstx machine.

Soon Saracia is on the run and locked in a bank safe with the ex-Zontaguard soldier. She knows components from the mstx machine will free them but until Elias convinces her to place the precious memories into his brain, there seems no way out. Hoping the transfer does not kill him, Saracia starts the download. What she doesn’t know is that the personality of Joe Donovan is attached to the memories and Elias soon has more in his head than anyone needs.