Losing Christchurch

Today is another day where all conversations begin with, “Isn’t it cold?”  Of course it’s cold. It’s winter. We are supposed to be cold and it’s okay to add another layer of fat. Truly. But I’m fairly certain temperature is not the issue everyone is having with the weather. I think what’s really bothering us all is that big dollop of grey cloud that’s hung overhead for the past 10 days. You only have to look outside to know it’s not natural cloud. Natural cloud is that white, stretched thing called a Nor’west arch. No, the cloud we have now is the sort of cloud that looks as though it was made in a Cloud Lab and designed specifically to obscure. This cloud is so dense it makes you wonder if the rest of New Zealand is still there. I know we think they are because we see them on TV and some of us have picked up the phone and had conversations with people on the other side – but that doesn’t really mean they’re still there does it? For all we know they’ve decided “Enough of Christchurch and its misery – let us cover them with cloud, set them adrift in the Southern Ocean and see how long it takes them to sink?”

It could work.

I’m just saying.



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