Dear America

Dear America

If you were my child I’d tell you to sit down somewhere quiet and take a breath. Bad things are happening all around you and right this minute, while the rest of the world is standing alongside and holding you up, take another breath. It’s okay.

I heard today an actor has gone to the White House. He’s famous and everyone is pinning their hopes on his angry rhetoric and fame pushing lawmakers to act where they haven’t before. The hope is for gun reform. ‘We need to restrict the sale of AR-15 weapons to those over twenty one,’ he said. Twenty one. The magical age where one day you’re as dumb as a post and the next you have the wisdom of Solomon.

But the man has fame and that’s what people are banking on.

We already know we would starve ourselves for fame.

Fifty one people were killed in my city on 15 March, 2019. These ordinary people were mowed down by a man with a semi-automatic weapon as he live-streamed his killings. He was acting out his “solution” but you cannot tell me he was not seeking fame.

Perhaps I’m being too simplisitc but we need to understand that people solve problems, not guns.

You cannot be a hero and kill someone.

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