Christchurch will not yeild to terror

DSCN2464Our innocence went in each one of the single shots that killed 49 Christchurch residents yesterday afternoon. We will never get that back but I hope with all my heart we become  like the London I experienced after the train bombings on 7th July 2005. Tough, brave and only a little more wary.

Because terrorists win when we are afraid.

Nature wins when we are afraid.

So we do what human’s have done for centuries, we pick ourselves up and we get back on the Piccadilly Line and go underground. We drive into the car parking building and hope all the bad shaking is over and if the roof does fall, we hope we are not there. And now, we must learn to be vigilant against hate and to protect the people around us.

We do not do this alone.

Thank you to the NZ Police in Christchurch.

Thank you to all the  first aiders, ambo crews, the ED staff and the surgical teams and the nurses and doctors at the hospital.

Thank you too to everyone who reached out. You make us strong and it is that strength we will need to rebuild our faith in equality, to support the religious freedom of everyone in this country and rekindle the kindness and simple joy of looking out for one another.

Kia Kaha my city of sorrows. May tomorrow be a better day.








3 thoughts on “Christchurch will not yeild to terror

  1. We live in a world in which we are viewed as inventory or revenue. At the top we have people who believe themselves stronger, smarter & richer (SSR) than the vast majority of people. In order to control the population, the SSR’s must get us (the population) to focus on something other than them. So they get us to hate one another. Race & religion are easy for obvious reasons. For those who dont get it consider, Black, Brown & Yellow people are easy to spot and easy to demonize. Muslim’s are easy to spot & demonize as well because they dress diffrrently than you. They may speak a diffrrent language or have an accent diffrrent than yours. Now all one has to do is convince in this case whites that those outsiders want to take your jobs, rape your women, invade your country, they are less than you, they are animals, they carry desease, they are not human, they will kill your children, they hate you, they want to take your homes, your guns, your food. They are the reason you dont have this, that or the other thing, instant demons easy to recognize & target. And while we dumbasses are focused on hating one another, the SSR’s are laughing all the way to the bank!. Want proof? Try this one on for size, I can pay my childrens way into & ensure they graduate from the best colleges and universities in Ametica. Or there’s been no war fought in the history of man that wasnt fought over money. Name a war and I can prove the root is money. Still need proof? Trump by hook and crook becomes president of the U.S. The monent Trump got his phony tax law passed, he goes to his Mar Lago resort and exclaims to his wealthy friends, how much of their money he just got them. And the trickle were been waiting for? Well were still waiting! In the meantime Charlottesville, Las Vegas, New Zealand, White Nationalism continues. When will we wake up and realize its because of our differences that makes this world a wonderful place. Theres so much wealth in the world, there should be no one hungry. There should be no one homeless. There thould be no one without health care. There should be no Bill Gates or Jeff Bezos. Because these thing represent money making oportunities the beat goes on until we decide to wake up and end it. In the meantime we suffer.


    1. “When will we wake up and realize it’s because of our differences that makes this world a wonderful place” Thank you for writing that truth. I will never be a Black man and you will never be a White woman but we have a friendship that includes our differences. Trump and his hideous ideology has created an awakening of the American spirit that next year will bring the changes so many of you have longed for. We gain strength through adversity. It’s just that while bad things are happening, it’s hard to remember that. Kia Kaha (stay strong)


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